What Fair Searches Homepage Banner cost

What Fair Searches Homepage Banner cost

What Fair Searches Homepage Banner cost

Most companies are by now aware of the potential and power of internet. They know that more and more people conduct searches on internet to get information about products and services before taking a decision to buy. While most companies would be tempted to place advertisements and banners on most popular websites like Facebook and Google, only companies that can afford the high price of advertising with these entities take this step. If your target group of customers is concentrated in a small geographic area, what you need is a local search engine and not a search engine like Google or Yahoo. 

Local search engine that promises a better ROI

Fairsearches  is a local search engine having significant impact and reach across major cities in India. Of course you have the option of placing your advertisement in print media like a newspaper circulated across a large number of people by Banner Advertisement on fair searches. But the reach and impact of an advertisement in such a newspaper is not huge. Also, the return on investment on such an advertisement is not very attractive. No one looks at an old edition of the newspaper so your advertisement placed in such a newspaper remains effective only for a very short time period. On the other hand, advertising through a local search engine like Fairsearches lasts for a very long time. It remains on the web for a longer time period and more people see it when they conduct a search locally. This is why it makes more sense for companies based in a city to advertise on Fairsearches. 

Benefits of advertising with Fairsearches

  • You get a lot of space to catch the attention of the customers
  • You pay much less than you do when you advertise on Google or any other popular website
  • Your ad is seen by actual buyers in the area where your business is situated
  • Your return on investment is much higher than it is with print media or television advertisement

Your banner is shown prominently on the home page of the search engine and you pay only for the city or cities you choose depending upon your location and reach of business and job career opportunity. This means   that you pay only when people are conducting their searches entering the city of your choice. This makes your advertisement very effective and its impact t becomes much higher.


Your banner is seen by actual buyers in your city

Advertising with Fairsearches is not only cost effective but also very good in terms of increasing your sales. This is because it gives a chance to the people in your city to see your banner whenever they start to conduct searches for products and services.

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